Diseño y desarrollo de sitios web

Inclusive and Universal Web Design

The most important in creating a website is to help meet the organizational needs that motivated its development. Therefore, I fully address each of the stages for the project, so that it meets the requirements of the organization and meets the needs of all future users.


Your website is a reflection of who you are as a company or professional. I will work with you to decide the style and functionality, and when everything is ready, I will have created an attractive and clean website.

Customized with WordPress

I design elegant sites with WordPress that will allow you to make updates at any time without touching a line of code. If you use Facebook, then you can use WordPress. I develop custom websites that are accessible, functional, easy to use and easy to update.


Open your store to the rest of the world with e-commerce solutions based on WooCommerce. Websites designed and customized with functionalities for each of the markets and exclusive offers of our customers.


Because the web should be a place for everyone, I design inclusive and universal sites to make your content accessible to each user. I prioritize the readability of texts with high contrast, write and add alternative texts to graphics and images for screen readers and the essentials for all assistive technologies.


  • Accessibility reports, information architecture and usability
  • Banners
  • Catalogs and products carts with WooCommerce
  • Contents with accessibility features
  • Convertion from AI and/or PSD to HTML5
  • Customized manageable sites
  • Forms, security, stats [plugins]
  • HTML5/CSS3 implementation
  • Manageable site development based on WordPress
  • Online courses for e-learning with LMS
  • Responsive device design for Android, iOS, mobiles and tablets
  • Scalable vector icons in SVG format
  • Search engine optimization [SEO]
  • UX/UI design for hi-res screens [HiDPI/Retina]